Kode with Karlie Scholars
"I was truly inspired by all the applicants for the Kode With Karlie scholarship. Their depth, creativity and thoughtfulness is a testament to how these young women will change the world through code. It was incredibly difficult to select the recipients as there were many qualified and incredible candidates."


Thank You to Everyone Who Applied

We received over 600 videos from an amazingly creative group of young women.  We loved hearing why they wanted to learn to code.  The applicants below were selected as our Kode with Karlie 2015 winners.

Emily Yu - Chester, PA

"I want to learn code because it is amazing how it empowers anyone to take an idea & to make it come to life; the only limit to what you decide to make is your imagination!"


Beatrix Jones - Studio City, CA

"I want to have the tools to create programs to give back to girls like me."


Chelsea Abidin - Sebastian, FL

"Coding spans beyond the doors of education, it allows people to use their creative force to shake, move, & transform the World for the better." 


Erin McCluskey - Mooresville, NC

"I want to learn code because technology is such a huge & growing part of our lives & our career options as young people. This is an amazing opportunity."


Gretchen Hubbard - Austin, TX

"I've had a passion for helping people my whole life and I’d like to learn to code so I can use technology to make the world a better place."


Ayushi Sangoi - Metuchen, NJ

"Coding creates more opportunities to use my knowledge in healthcare and biomedical engineering to reach out and help others in the future."


Amanda Southworth - Palm Desert, CA

"I want to learn to code, because coding is the key to opening so many doors that we never thought possible. Now with coding, I can be the one to open the doors."


Leilani Jones - Atlanta, GA

"Coding connects the things I LOVE - DJ'ing/Beats & Forensic Science. I want to learn code to make people dance & bring solace from a crime."


Mari Paine - Quarryville, PA

"No matter which of my many interests I choose to pursue, coding will be relevant in that it will allow me to share what I create with the world & hopefully impact it for the better."


Juvaria Shahid - Commack, NY

"I hope to build devices that will help alleviate major issues in the world, specifically issues related to women's education, rape, world hunger & poverty."


Cindy Zhou - New York, NY

"I want to be a front runner in the new era of innovation & enhance my knowledge on technology, especially because I want to pursuit a career in aerospace & become an engineer."


Patricia Edou - Oak Ridge, TN

"I want to learn to code because I want to help kids in less developed countries be given the chance to learn code in order to solve problems in their own communities."


Michelle Doan - Lawrenceville, GA

"The platitude goes "ask and you shall receive" but coding makes me feel like I can grab the world by the lapels and demand what I want of it"


Isabella Fons - Katy, TX

"I want to learn to code because I want to become more than the tiny, 4'11, girly girl people see me as."


Thea McKenna - Plantation, FL

"I love math, science, and all things creative, and coding is the perfect combination!"


Jewell Brown - Freeport, NY

"I want to learn code so I can effectively participate in creating new technological innovations that could help better our future."


Louisa Bay - Providence, RI

"I want to learn code to solve problems, to make the world a better place and empower women everywhere."


Sowmya Patapati - Mahwah, NJ

"CS aids in giving me the skills necessary to not only be a part of the future, but also to build it. The power of code enables me to take the solutions I have for the world, and turn them into tangible realities."


Lydia Herbst - Woodstock, IL

"I want to learn to code to be ahead of the curve. Future generations will need this skill in a world where technology is rapidly changing."


Hannah Breall - Sonoma, CA

"I want to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder discover & develop fulfilling careers. Current statistics show that adults with autism have a more than 80% unemployment rate."


Brianna Bazan - Austin, TX

"I want to be able to develop an application for teenagers with spinal cord injuries that will encourage independence and confidence despite their disabilities."


The Kode with Karlie scholarship is closed but there is still time to enroll in one of our summer courses.  Fill out this form to receive more information.