Change Makers Scholarship 

At Flatiron School, we’re building an educational system where everyone, at every age, regardless of wealth or class, learns how to change their future and the world.

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Inspired by our graduates and the impact their work is having, we’re offering partial scholarships starting at $1,500 to eligible students who apply to one of our software engineering or data science on-campus or online career courses (part-time or full-time pace only) through our Change Makers Scholarship.

Powered by The Flatiron Fund, the Change Makers Scholarship is designed to support students who:

  • Need to learn news skills in order to have a positive impact on their community

  • Demonstrate a passion for software engineering or data science

  • Want to launch a new career in tech in 2019

Eligible students must apply by February 28, 2019 to receive the scholarship. Questions? Schedule a Q&A with our Admissions to find out about your eligibility.


FISAlumMeet Remmy - Flatiron Alum & Change Maker

After completing Flatiron School’s Online Software Engineering course, Remmy was hired by Sawatch Labs in Denver to advise local and state governments on how to convert their current fleet of vehicles to hybrid and electric versions. Now in a role she loves, Remmy is impacting her community and using her skills as a software engineer to do so. Read Remmy’s full story on our blog.


“Flatiron School teaches you how to ‘learn how to learn,’ which has been really effective for me. When I’m asked to do something new, I know where to start, and I feel empowered to find the answers.”