Free to participate (you code; we provide scholarship dollars)

Code Drive FAQ's

How does my work translate to helping refugees?

For each free lesson completed during the code drive, we’ll contribute a dollar toward a new coding scholarship fund for refugees. You’ll be able to work toward your own programming goals while helping provide full scholarships to refugees seeking better lives through code.

Which courses count toward the Code Drive?

All courses and lessons completed on Flatiron School's platform count towards the Code Drive and will support scholarships for refugees. Whether you're learning in our free online Bootcamp Prep course or are working through our Online Web Developer Program, your progress will make a difference through code.


Why are you doing this?

Flatiron School has always been dedicated to increasing access to our education for underrepresented groups in tech. We’re thrilled to expand that commitment through Code Drive 2017 and invite our entire community to get involved to help benefit refugees.






"Love the @FlatironSchool #CodeDrive initiative - spirit of giving at its best! I'm committed to complete 30lessons = $30 donation, how about you? #100DaysOfCode #webDevelopment #NationJS #LearnToCode #WomenWhoCode"

- Lisa H. 



"I'm coding for a cause with @FlatironSchool's #CodeDrive17 to benefit refugees. 'Tis the season folks! Learning and raising money at the same time?! Yes please."

- Nikki B.