About the Book

In this book, you’ll gain insights on how learning to code could be integral in your path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You'll hear the stories of three Flatiron School alumni who went from coding bootcamp students to successful startup founders—and get tips on how you can too. While not all entrepreneurs commit to learning to code and mastering web and mobile development, they can be crucial skills for your success. Possessing both a technical and entrepreneurial mindset can afford entrepreneurs a lot of flexibility, allowing them to both ideate and execute—to be the “idea guy” as well as the one who makes the ideas a reality. In this book, you'll learn how a coding bootcamp could help you leverage that combination of talents, build your own businesses, and join top accelerators like Y Combinator and TechStars.

How Learning to Code Can Help Entrepreneurs
Becoming a Technical Co-Founder
Entrepreneurs of Flatiron School: Alumni Spotlights
Startup Checklist: 5 Tips for a Wildly Successful Business

Before Flatiron, I’d have an idea, and that was it. I didn’t have the fundamental understanding necessary to articulate and qualify those ideas.

Tyler Davis, SoundViz