About the Book

In this book, the Career Services team behind Flatiron School's near-perfect student employment record shares the job-search insights you need to launch your career in tech. You'll hear exactly what companies look for in developers straight from Flatiron's employer partners and get plenty of actionable advice used by hundreds of Flatiron grads to enhance their job search and launch careers they love at places like:

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Flatiron School
What Makes a No-Brainer Tech Hire
Flatiron School
How to Grow and Leverage Your Network
Flatiron School
Exact Tactics Used by Flatiron Grads to Get Hired
Flatiron School
How to Make the Most of Your Interview (Even if You Bomb It!)

While a lot of our success can be attributed to our passionate and capable students, we’ve developed a keen understanding of what it takes to get hired in tech – both on our end and what our students are empowered to do on theirs.

Rebekah Rombom, VP of Career Services, Flatiron School