Minimum commitments from companies: 

  • A dedicated mentor for two months
  • Four 1:1 pairing sessions
  • One technical interview prep session
  • A lunch every other week
  • Help choosing and feedback on a side project


  • A desk in your space
  • A monitor or hardware to work on
  • Lunch or events with your team

Do partner companies pay Fellows? 
No. This is support (mentorship, interview prep help, pairing) and perhaps some perks (i.e., Fog Creek provides a desk and a monitor, espresso and ridiculous lunch) to help Fellows start their careers. It's not paid, and it's not a job or an internship - Fellows work on their own code.

Can Fellows interview for jobs during the Fellowship? 
Absolutely. In fact, we hope mentors will give Fellows feedback on their interviews, performance, and ways to improve.

How are Fellow selected? 
Based upon a group of new graduates' profiles that Flatiron provides, mentors each choose a Fellow from Flatiron's class. Fellows will be notified before Flatiron graduation.

All students - Fellows or not - will get job-search support from Flatiron School until they're employed :)